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Pumpkin House


Pumpkin House was born in 2005 with a mission to provide a loving home and high quality education to neglected and abandoned children in the vicinity of Ahmednagar, India.

Ahmednagar being a severely drought affected district; the incidence of poverty is very high.  With land barely able to sustain the people, many of them, especially the poorest move out of their villages to work as contract labourers with sugarcane contractors or on brick kilns. Difficult work circumstances, poor nutrition and lack of medical facilities are a major cause of untimely deaths.  This often leaves the children orphaned or with only one parent, who is quite unable to care for their needs.  Thus children are often abandoned or sometimes even sold, which not only serve as a source of income, but also reduce the number of mouths to be fed.  The children are thus left to fend for themselves and often exposed to various forms of physical and mental abuse.

Against this background Pumpkin House was set up to meet the needs of such orphaned or abandoned children, to provide them with basic safety, facilities and care, education, and an environment in which they can grow up into loving and responsible adults. We are fighting to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

This is not a boarding house.  This is our residence and every child who comes to live here becomes a member of our family.  We wish that children can have a childhood and when they grow up they know they always have a home and loving family to return to. Learn more about how you can support the mission of Pumpkin House.       



Children receive three nutritious meals a day, incorporating local food and other world cuisine. 

Physical activity is an important part of the daily routine with every child encouraged to remain physically fit  through games and other activities..

Children bathe regularly. The toddlers are given a bath by adult staff members, while the older children bathe themselves.

Proper medical care is given to every child including vaccinations, preventive care and sick care.


The children take part in festivals like the Rakhi festival where girls tie rakhis to the boys, Diwali where they play with crackers, and Independence day where we celebrate India.


Children also participate in other cultural activities including music and dance.  Bharatnatyam is a popular Indian Classical Dance, that requires a lot of practice to attain perfection. Music is taught to the elder children. Some learn guitar while others learn keyboard or drums. Children also participate in group singing.

The children are taught various arts and crafts. 


Education is an area of immense focus for us and we ensure that all children receive a good education that will provide them with opportunities for a better life in the future.  Children who reside at Pumpkin House are enrolled in our own school called "Divine Grace School" that runs classes from LKG, UKG, 1st to 10th Grade.  After completing often go on to attend secondary education as well. 


Children are taught about all of the major faiths and regularly meet with members of all of them. We follow all of the major religious festivals from Christmas to Diwali to Eid.  Prayer is an integral part of daily life.  We also focus on spiritual principles like gratitude, selfless service and